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    Shenzhen Hairuisi Automation Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2008, is a national high-tech enterprise with decades history , Headquartered in Shenzhen which enjoys the reputation of "capital of design and city of innovation".

    Since its establishment, Hairuisi has been focusing on the field of production automation and detection automation with the mission of "revitalizing national industry". Adhering to the concept of active exploration, in-depth research, and bold innovation .With our own professional knowledge and rich practical experience,Hairuisi has provide customers with high efficiency, good quality and high reliability products and services.

    At present, Hairuisi has successfully introduced high precision air leak tester and testing solutions to the market.Due to its high precision/excellent stability/humanized design, it is one of the few products in the market that can compete with foreign brands. At present, in the field of leak testing, Hairuisi has obtained a number of independent invention patents and utility model patents, 17 software copyrights and a number of design patents. At the same time, Hairuisi has also become the main drafting unit of the national electronic product waterproof testing standards, Leading the development of this industry and becoming a model for the industry to study.


    Hairuisi has a group of modern high-precision processing equipment and related professionals.Active innovation breakthroughs around product sealing, especially in the field of small and complex shaped parts, wire sealing, high pressure product sealing test, etc., Master unique technical solutions.At the same time, the company also purchased advanced calibration equipment, each instrument and equipment will undergo harsh environmental aging test and calibration to ensure the quality of product.

    Service is endless! Taking create value for customers and solve the customer's problem as the starting point, fully collect the customer's demand before the sale, and formulate a reasonable and reliable implementation plan for the customer. At the same time, we will also propose Hairuisis professional advice on customers product structure and process improvement.Carefully explaination about the use of air leak tester in the middle of the sale .After the sale, establish return visit mechanism, effectively collect customers feedback and solve problems in time

    In the past ten years, Hairuisi has provided services to more than 800 partners. More than 2000 air leak tester have been used to test customers product waterproof function .


    "China's brand, Height of the world" is the glory and dream of the people of Hairuisi! It is also the mission that our generation need to shoulder!

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