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                                                                                              Development of Hairuisi 


    . In 2008, Shenzhen Hairuisi Automation Technology Co., Ltd. was established. In September of the same year, waterproof testing equipment was officially launched to the market.

    . April 2009 The CCD automatic optical inspection system was successfully developed and officially launched into the market.

    . In 2009, the precision leak detection system was upgraded and developed into the market.

    . May 2010 The hydraulic damping buffer automatic assembly equipment was successfully developed and successfully put into the market. Filled the domestic gap.

    . In April 2011, the LCD maintenance equipment project team began to set up. With the first set of LCD maintenance equipment coming out, Hairuisi succeeded in pioneering

      a new industry LCD screen repair industry. In November of the same year, the first revision of LCD maintenance equipment was upgraded. 

    . In June-August 2012, the second and third revisions of LCD screen maintenance equipment were upgraded. The defoamer and the laminator were integrated into one machine, and the

     concept of no need for defoaming was proposed.    

    . In April 2013, according to the actual needs of customers, LCD screen repair equipment was upgraded in the fourth revision.Integrating the Laminator ,Laminating machine ,defoamer

    and dust-free worktable into one machine and No defoaming is realized.   

    . The Hairuisi Huiguang plasma project team was founded in July 2013 ,Blowing the horn that marched into this industry

    . In February 2014, the first Huiguang plasma cleaning equipment of Hairuisi was developed successfully, and all the indicators achieved the expected results.

    .  In July 2014, the leak tester that can connect with network was successfully developed, leading the technical level of China's leakage tester to a new height.

    .  In 2014, the leak tester that can connect with network was officially launched into the market, and became honorary supplier of major companies, escorting the improvement of their product quality

    .  July 2015 The intelligent sealing tester was unanimously recognized by many international customers such as Canada, Israel, the United States, and France, and reached cooperation.

    .  In May 2016, Hairuisi launched an economical waterproof tester at the request of customers.

     In April 2017, The embedded seal tester which was more suitable for automatic production was launched to the market.At the same time, the handheld leakage tester has also been   developed successfully.   

     In 2018, after continuous efforts by the R&D team, after several technical rectifications, the multi-channel air tightness tester was officially launched, marking that Hairuisi Technology has      

         risen to a new level in the field of air tightness testing.       





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