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    Hairuisi leakage tester was certified by the National Hi-tech Metrology Station


    Hairuisi leakage tester was certified by the National Hi-tech Metrology Station.

    In the past, the leakage tester are as non-standard test equipment that is no standardization. nowadays, Hai Ruisi's leakage tester has received the national test equipment measurement bureau certification, marking the leakage tester has received the attention of the state, leakage tester will be more standardized and specialized.

    Now, Hai Ruisi's leakage tester has passed the national certification, our leakage tester that accuracy (0.1pa), stability, persistence, intelligent and other technical requirements were certified by the National Hi-tech Metrology StationAll functions have reached the international requirements.

    Hai Ruisi's leakage tester is not only suitable for battery pack waterproof test, but also for mobile phone waterproof test and all need to do the sealing test, air-tightness test, waterproof test, leak test.

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