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    About samart phone leakage detection


    Hairuisi as a leader in the waterproof detection system industry, our waterproof testing equipment is a smart leak detection system, focusing on mobile phone waterproof detection, mobile phone seal detection,On the mobile phone’s waterproof to do a sophisticated research, but also in many digital products, which has reached the level of waterproof testing, our mobile phone’s waterproof tester is the majority of customer get the recognition. Hairui Si Automation Technology's own R & D production and sales of waterproof tester has a very small internal space(1.5CC), to maximize the stability of the test and reliability. Equipped with imported high sensitivity pressure sensor, the detection accuracy of up to 0.1PA, the phone waterproof test can be met, this detection accuracy can be very objective to describe it, so that  can be prepared to detect  if they have any leakage.

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