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    Air leak testing of circuit board


    Testing principle

    Hairuisi sealing tester is a new ,high precision and non-destructive air leak tester .Our air leak tester adopts pressure principle and uses compressed air as the medium to detect leaks. It is a non-destructive testing instrument. The working principle is to apply a certain pressure to the inner cavity or outside of the product to be tested, then close the valve. After a period of stability, measure the change of the air pressure during the detection period and calculate the leakage amount by our precision sensor.This instrument is widely used in the sealing test of open products or sealed products with its high precision and full-featured features.

    ♦Product description 

    Sealing test of circuit board  has always been the focus of electronic information manufacturing industry because circuit board is the backbone of supporting components, the pipeline connecting electrical signals, and plays a supporting and interconnecting role in electronic equipment. Once the sealing is not good, it may be damaged by moisture, salt spray, moisture and dust, which will cause the establishment of the circuit board failure and defects.

    This time, Hariruisi need to develop a sealing test solution for a PCB manufacturer. Here is a brief introduction of our solution.



    ♦Requirments of customer

    Because PCB is a precise component, customers hope that our sealing tester can achieve non-destructive testing of products.Secondly, it can detect different sealing levels, and record the test data to provide scientific data reference for later improvement of production process .


    ♦Summary of Solutions 

    When testing the grade of PCB, we first customize a specific mold for it and put the testing product into the mold. The mold and tooling are connected each other through the air .The use of the mould can not only protect the circuit board from damage during the testing, but also form a sealed testing environment when the upper and lower mould are closed, which solves the difficult problem of inconvenient sealing of the plate.

    Before starting, set the parameter data of waterproof grade, inflate the mould indirectly, press the start button, let the instrument fill the mould with a certain amount of air pressure, the air in the mould will have a process of stabilizing the pressure, at the same time, the periphery of the product will also form a certain pressure.The product is tested by judging the change of the product's peripheral pressure. The results and data will be stored in the detector, and can be downloaded if needed.

    Hairuisi air leak tester system consists of air source, tooling and air leak tester.The following is our air leak systme .






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