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    Air leak testing of smart phone case


    Testing principle

    Hairuisi sealing tester is a new ,high precision and non-destructive air leak tester .Our air leak tester adopts pressure principle and uses compressed air as the medium to detect leaks. It is a non-destructive testing instrument. The working principle is to apply a certain pressure to the inner cavity or outside of the product to be tested, then close the valve. After a period of stability, measure the change of the air pressure during the detection period and calculate the leakage amount by our precision sensor.This instrument is widely used in the sealing test of open products or sealed products with its high precision and full-featured features.

    ♦Product description 

    Whether a mobile phone has good waterproof performance, mobile phone sealing is the key .Waterproofness of mobile phone shell, as the first pass of waterproofing, is the key point for manufacturers to test.As a well-known research and development and manufacturer of sealing testing equipment, Hairuisi Technology has also developed a perfect testing solution for the sealing of mobile phone cases.Following is a case study about the air leak test of our mobile phone case.

    Pictured above is the mobile phone case tested by Hairuisi Technology. The mobile phone case belongs to the front cover of the mobile phone.From the picture we can see that the mobile phone case is a non-closed structure. There are camera holes, mid holes, equipment slots, button slots and nut holes on the case. The shell is curved and the mobile phone shell is concave and convex.

    However, the structure of the mobile phone shell makes it difficult to detect the sealing.Firstly, the shell of mobile phone is a single board structure, the size of holes is different, the front and side are distributed, and the location is uncertain.So Hairuisi Technology has customized a special model for the mobile phone case. When the upper and lower molds are closed, all the holes on the case are blocked, forming a good sealing detection space. In addition, this sealed space allows the mobile phone shell to be free from external interference in the detection, ensuring that the mobile phone case is not damaged in the detection.

    Secondly, because the mobile phone case does not have an inflatable mouth, so Hairuisi technology needs to use indirect detection method, but in the process of air leake testing, we need to pay attention to a point : strictly control the detection pressure, to avoid cell phone case variant, resulting in the late installation unsuccessful.Therefore, Hairuisi Technology has installed a precision pressure sensor on our air leak tester to strictly monitor the change of pressure in the mould and control the detection pressure within a certain range. The air pressure inside the mold is monitored after the detector inflates into the mold. Finally, through a series of calculations, we can get the leakage value of the air. According to the leakage value, we can detect the airtightness and IP waterproof grade of the mobile phone shell.

    The following is details of testing .

    ♦Testing process 

    1.Connect the leak tester to the power supply and air supply.At the same time,the fixture and the tester are also connected through the air source,

     so that the our air leak tester can control the fixture.

    2.Acoording to the customer's testing requirements and our test experiments on products in the early stage to set the testing parameters on our air leak tester .

    3.Put the testing product in the mold and press the start button .the fixture will seal the mold and Certain compressed air will be input from our instrument into the mold.

    when input air time finished ,The valve will close and our instrument will measure the change of the air pressure during the detection period and calculate the leakage amount by our precision sensor.


    when the testing time is finished ,The testing result (OK or NG )will be shown on our screen .






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