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    Air leak tester for amart lock


    Product Application

    Our instruments is used for sealing detection, waterproof detection, leakage detection,it is widely used in various fields of industry, communications, automotive parts, valves, electronic consumption, medical equipment, military supplies, security lighting, wire, battery, smart home,etc.


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    Main Features

    1)High sensitivity pressure sensing and regulating unit. The minimum resolution can reach 0.1Pa. Hairuisi independently developed the patented technology, "IVT pneumatic seal Valve Terminal, greatly improving the testing accuracy and ensuring the stability of the instrument.

    2)Large touch screen, intelligent operation system, the graphic UI design based on the detection process,the operation interface is simple and clear, easy to teach and easy to learn.

    3) Various pressure regulating components and range are optional. The range of air pressure(-80KPA - 1MPa). Electronic pressure regulating valve can be used to achieve multiple pressure sequential tests.

    4)A variety of communication interfaces: built-in RS232 serial port, RJ45 network port, USB communication interface, LTP external I/O control port, support a variety of communication protocols.

    5) It has network function and can be equipped with host computer monitoring software to realize remote management and monitor quality. And it can be butted with the MES system.

    6)Can select the bar code scanning function and printer, convenient product data management and quality tracing, instrument history records can be as many as 200 thousand and can be exported.

    7)The system has more than 200 groups of subroutines, each subprogram can be programmed separately, can be selected and combined to meet various complex test requirements.

    8)For the internal volume of tiny products, there are special procedures to detect whether there is any leakage.

    9)Support third party check, can issue check report.

    10)Remote control function, you can check the leak detection situation and parameters.

    11)Bar code scanning function: convenient management and traceability products.

    Model Normal series Medium-pressure High pressure
    Range And Accuracy -40~150kpa -80~600kpa 50~1400kpa
    Sensor precision 0.2% Sensor precision 0.2% Sensor precision 0.2%
    Pressure regulation 0.2% Pressure regulation 0.2% Pressure regulation 0.2%
    Display Resolution 1Pa 3Pa 5Pa
    Form Of Pressure Integrated positive and negative  
    Pressure Regulation Form Mechanical  
    Pressure Units kpa pa kg/cm² Psi Mpa bar Mbar mmhg  
    Flow Units scch (ml/h)  sccm (ml/m)  sccs(ml/s)  
    Historical Data Preservation 200m/ about 200 thousand history records , which can expand the capacity of the USB and support 32GB.  
    Data Output Format Can be exported  
    Communication Interface  1 USB port/ 1 RS232/ 1 LAN net Port  
    Communication Protocol Modbus RS232 rs48 tpc/ip  
     I/O Control Interface NPN 6 output/3 input  
    Size 400L * 280W * 254H  
    Weight 10kg  
    Output Nozzle Size Ø4*2 PU/ Nylon tube  
    Intake Pipe Size Ø8*6 PU tube  
    Power Request AC 110V-260V 50hz  
    Air Pressure Request AC 110V-260V 50hz  

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    size 470 (L) * 370 (W) * 312 (H)
    weight                    /
    Packaging Details The normal package is carton.

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